attitude is everything

access to live music

Attitude is Everything is a charity working to improve deaf and disabled people's access to live music, and provide a comprehensive set of resources to support venues in attaining charter status.

I first became aware of AiE when browsing Sleaford Mods' Twitter feed a few months back. A bit of reading later and I decided to contact AiE and ask if they would like me to mention them on Stig's Gigs when I got it up and running.

Venues which have been awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold awards via Attitude is Everything's Charter of Best Practice are clearly marked in all search results.

By including this information I hope to achieve two things:

- identify accessible gigs to disabled visitors at-a-glance;
- raise awareness of AiE's work, and hopefully encourage more venues to commit to better accessibility

The first step for many venues is simply to make their access information clear online. It is sad to think that many disabled music lovers are put off attending gigs completely because they are unable to find accessibility information about the venue.

Attitude is Everything provide an information pack as part of their Access Starts Online initiative, and support venues in presenting the necessary information. Culminating in an AiE-endorsed 'stamp of approval', Access Starts Online also allows venues to undertake preparatory work which can lead to being awarded the Bronze level charter.

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