artist faq

how do I list my gigs?

You can either log in with Facebook and select which gigs you want to add, or you can email the address of your Facebook page to If you log in with Facebook you can be totally selective about which gigs are added, and they will be added to the database instantly. If you use the email method, I'll add all future UK gigs that are publicly visible on your Facebook page at the time I review your email. Please note that it might take me a few days!

why do I need to use Facebook?

If you're in a band, you probably have a Facebook page, and you probably create events for your gigs which you share across your social channels. By using the Facebook API (geeky stuff), I can automatically retrieve your public gig listings so you don't have to enter them twice. Basically it makes it easy for you, easy for me and easy for your potential audience to find out about you!

what if we don't have a Facebook page?

Currently gig listings are only created on Stig's Gigs based on Facebook data. For many reasons your band should have a Facebook page - even if personally you don't 'do Facebook'.

how much does it cost to list my gigs?

Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nada. And that's the way it will stay.

can we send you press releases, reviews and videos?

Please do! I can't promise to include everything I get sent but I'll try my best - send anything of interest to