about stig's gigs

the concept

There are lots of people - me, for one - who love live music, but as far as I know there has never been just one website where you can go to find gig listings by postcode or town search.

Most bands have a Facebook page, but to see what gigs they are playing, you have to know they exist in the first place and follow their page! The missing link between live music - especially at grassroots level - and potential audiences is the discovery process. And that's what I'm aiming to provide with Stig's Gigs - a kind of matchmaking service for bands and music lovers, if you like :)

the vision

By offering a free, convenient method for bands to add their gig listings, I hope that my little site can play a part in allowing gig-goers to find out about new artists, not just in their home town but also wherever they may travel in the UK. Stadium tours are great and all, but to be 10 feet away from a band who may not turn out to be the next big thing, but resonate with you on an emotional level, is what live music is in danger of losing.

I also want to feature bands and venues, to play a part in making people aware of the innovation and diversity in music. And since I discovered Attitude is Everything, I hope I can also indirectly contribute to making venues across the country more accessible for deaf and disabled music lovers.

Music is a huge part of most people's lives, consciously or not; the full spectrum of emotion can be represented and shared through music, communities can be formed around it, and it has the power to unite. So now, maybe more than ever...

...believe in live music.

Stig xxx