A photograph of acoustic duo Every Thread

Every Thread - George IV, Lichfield

Posted by Stig

"So is this you then? You don't have a drummer?", I ask. Judging by the mildy amused look on Zoe and Mike's faces I guess they have been asked this before. Yes, it is them as it turns out, there is no absent drummer. With the modern duo so often being a guitar and drums combo - and don't get me wrong, it's a formula I'm fond of - it's refreshing to see a two-piece comprised of acoustic guitar (Zoe, also singer) and electric bass (Mike).

They're here tonight playing support for The Standard Lamps, on the first of a three night 'mini tour'. From the mellow, folksy vibe of 'River', to upbeat, bounce-along 'Glow', to the groovesome '391' ("the one with the pedal", as Zoe introduced it), the set is varied and engaging. There's something instantly storyteller about Zoe's vocal, taking the audience on a heartfelt journey accompanied by dexterous guitar chords and melodies. Mike's bass provides a perfect foundation, with a warm, rounded tone adding harmony and rhythm without ever being instrusive. Simple but effective octave tricks lift the tunes at just the right moments.

I congratulated them on a 'lovely' set afterwards, which in retrospect was possibly a little twee. But that was genuinely what I felt; Every Thread took me to a warm, cosy place, and made me feel like I'd known their songs for much more than half an hour. It's testament to their performance and songwriting that I was still humming the tunes the following day.

Their self-produced album, Leaves, is available now to download from Bandcamp.